Any changes in the company?

An in-depth Case analysis of Pedigree Growth Strategy.
1- Summarize this case briefly.
2- Analysis should include the following sections:

Situation Analysis (What is the internal environment like? What is the external environment like? What frameworks can be used to analyze the environment (for example, SWOT, PEST). What are the skills and capabilities of the company? What is the main issue/are the main issues described in the case? Why is this an issue and why does it require attention? )
Possible Solutions (What kind of actions can be taken to solve the problem(s) described? What are the advantages of these possible solutions, what are the disadvantages? Any strategic windows?)
Implementation of the Solution (the details of how you are planning to implement the solution you selected. What are some steps involved in implementing the selected solution. Any changes in the company? What are the effects? Any challenges? What is the timeline?)
Consequences (What are the expected outcomes of the actions planned to be taken? Is the proposed solution going to address the problems described in the beginning of the case? How? Are there any assumptions made? If so what are they? Are there any limitations/shortcomings of the proposed analyses? If so, what are they?)

Below References should be copy and paste into address bar, they can’t be clicked on.


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