Banking and financial services

Read the scenario below and answer the questions that follow.
With the remarkable growth of Internet along with advanced information communication and networking technologies, the Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS) has already been introduced in developed nations. HRIS has become an essential component in the banking and financial sector (Hendrickson, 2003). HRIS has been defined by DeSanctis (1986) as a Systematic process for retrieving, maintaining, storing, validating and collecting the data that is required by the organization about the organization unit, personnel activities and human resources. It is a collection of databases that integrate together to form a vast record of all employee issues that exist within a company. HRIS is considered as the combination of the software, database, and hardware that are capable of making the data store of the organization different departments and have the ability to pick up the necessary information as per the demand of the human resource department (Broderick & Boudreau, 1991). HRIS initiatives have been worldly accepted as the best chance for improvement in any organization as well as in the banking and financial sector to accommodate the increasing demand and supply of fundamental services or banking services in both the developed and developing countries (Ahmer, 2013). Developed nations have already invested and continue to invest a considerable amount of resources in continuing the implementation of HRIS to improve the efficiency of banking and financial services (Chau, 1996). Despite the possible benefits of HRIS, its adoption remains a big challenge in developing countries (Ginzberg, 1981), especially in Bangladesh. Most of the studies carried out over the years had been conducted focusing primarily on developed nations (Karakanian, 2000). This research is an attempt to fill the gap by analyzing adoption issues of HRIS in the context of Bangladesh from banking and financial organization perspectives.
Based on the above, a Human resources manager at an organization seeks to understand the effect of HRIS adoption on efficiency of banking and financial services. The manager commissions a study which will use an interview to measure the impact of HRIS adoption on banking and financial services. You are contracted as the research consultant to carry out the research.
Answer the following questions:
1.1. Identify and briefly discuss the research problem. (4)
1.2. Outline three objectives of the current study. (6)
1.3. Outline three research questions for the current study. (6)
1.4. Set down brief literature review that evaluates the effect of HRIS adoption of efficiency of the banking and financial organisations in the emerging/developing market. (20)
1.5. Elaborate on the sampling technique you will use to select respondents for the study. (4)
1.6. Evaluate the appropriate data analysis strategy for the study. (4)
1.7. Evaluate the difference between inductive and deductive research approaches. (6)


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