Business Law.

CASE STUDY;The problem with the first approach is that there can be considerable pressure to implement an early prototype. Often, users observing a working model cannot understand why the early prototype has to be refined further. The fact that the prototype has to be expanded to handle transaction volumes, terminal networks, backup and recovery procedures, as well as provide for auditability and control is not often understood. Another disadvantage of prototyping is that it often leads to functions or extras being added to the system that are not included in the initial requirements document. All major enhancements beyond the initial requirements document should be reviewed to ensure that they meet the strategic needs of the organisation and are cost effective. Otherwise, the final system can end up being functionally rich but inefficient. A potential risk with prototyped systems is that the finished system will have poor controls. By focusing mainly on what the user wants and what the user uses, system developers may miss some of the controls that come out of the traditional system development approach, such as: backup/recovery, security and audit trails.
QUESTIONS is the oscillatory motion related to the Microseisms the events that lead to the determination of the wave height
3. Kinetic energy that results from the oscillation of water is called ?explain
4.what is your understanding of tides as far as continuous movement of water in specific direction is concerned?
5.elaborate on the open cycle of the working fluid as illustrated by the Water does the propane achieve the working fluid chosen by Anderson OTEC cycle
7.identify and explain the pioneer of the closed cycle approach
8. Anderson cycle is also known as?explain
9.propose and explain the synonym to the Claude cycle
10. Which component has the lowest efficiency?


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