Cognitive Reflection Test (CRT).

Reliability & Validity of Measurement
The Cognitive Reflection Test (CRT) is the most widely used measure in reasoning research and measures an individual’s propensity to reason analytically (Bialek & Pennycook, 2017). Despite its widespread use, the psychometric properties are not extensively investigated. Frederick (2005), the creator of the measure, did not report reliability, and most researchers who use the CRT follow the same practice (Primi et al., 2015). There are some exceptions; search the internet for articles or websites that report Cronbach’s alpha (α) for the Cognitive Reflection Test (CRT). You may find multiple different reported values, pick the one you like, and address the following:
Based on the information in Chapter 5 regarding Cronbach’s alpha (α) and the value you found; do you believe the CRT has acceptable reliability? Why? (30 pts) For full credit, you need to report the value (ex: Cronbach’s α = 0.00) and provide the link to where you found the information.Many researchers believe criterion validity is more important than convergent and discriminant validity. Why do you think this is? (10 pts


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