Copyright law

Under the Copyright law of Canada, the author of a material always enjoys exclusive possession over the created work.

Applying the relevant legal concepts and principles, discuss the accuracy of the statement.
2.Brown Coleman has been in business selling men’s jean pants for five years now. His T-shirts are called “Browns” and have the gold and orange logo design BC on the left front breast area. The entire public knows Brown’s Jean by the name Browns and the logo BC. Brown has just heard that another company is contemplating making Jean pants like his own using a logo in Gold only that it reads BC and intends to call them “BCs.”
Applying the relevant legal concept(s) and principle(s) explain 3 legal issues and concepts engaged by the question
3.A and B own farms in southern Ontario next to one another in an area where the land registry system applies. They have access to their farms by means of a road that runs along the northerly edge of both properties. Both A and B live in their houses, which are situated at the southernmost portions of their farms. At the northeastern end of B’s property there is a bus stop at the side of the road, where A catches the bus to work. A now decides that he will cut across B’s land to get to the bus stop and begins to do this, creating a pathway over B’s land without B’s knowledge or consent.
Applying the correct legal concept, explain whether or not A will acquire any right or interest.
4.Brinks corporation commercially leased their property to Albert for a term of 15 years, with an option to renew for a further term of 5 years. During the second year of the lease, Brink Corporation entered into a 17-year lease with Harvey for the same building, but at a substantially increased rate of rent.
Applying the relevant and correct legal concept discuss the rights of Albert.


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