Future of Mars.

Human moves to Mars a few years ago. Life there is challenging and interesting in a number of ways. One of the major challenge faced by the early settlers was the greed of corporations involved in illegal genetic experiments. This resulted in human cloning. They also created some hybrids of humans and clones. The greed and illegal genetic engineering resulted in the death of many colonists on Mars. Only a few humans and clones survived.
Six years later NASA sent a new mission to investigate the cause of the destruction of the first colony. They are not aware of the survivors and genetic engineering labs set up by a consortium of corporations. The new mission faced harsh conditions due to the spread of a bacteria created in a lab. All of them got killed except you and Dr Jann Malbec a scientist.
There were a few wars between the corporations involved in this illegal genetic engineering and a group of good humans (you and Dr. Malbec) and a few clones and hybrids who joined you.
The corporations, transported the deadly bacteria and transported it back to earth. This created a pandemic like situation. Many humans died. One of the leaders of colonists on mars Dr. Jann Malbec has created a vaccine to kill bacteria. After long negotiations with leaders on earth, she and a group of hybrids and clones have won independence for Mars in exchange for the vaccine. You are the first President of Colony Mars (you are one of the hybrids who survived the war). This is the real test of your leadership skills. How will you set up a new state on the Red Planet?
You have a population of 2000 people (1500 humans and 500 clones and hybrids). More humans are on their way to Mars. There have been extensive negotiations between the Mars’s Ruling Council and governments and corporations on earth. Many corporations are interested in setting up permanent stations on Mars to explore new routes to asteroids for mining of precious metals and transporting them back to earth. You have the following tasks as the new leader.
1. Propose a new vision for the newly established Republic of Mars. Your vision should address the following:
a) Protecting and ensuring the sovereignty of Martian people on their land in future and protect them from the conspiracies of greedy corporations and some governments on the earth.
b) Ensure harmony between the early colonists, hybrids and clones to avoid internal conflicts. Such conflicts can be exploited by the enemies of Mars.
c) Expansion and creation of new facilities for the future colonists arriving from earth.
2. What kind of leadership is required in such a situation? Think about a leadership theory (or theories) and model that may help you in this situation.
3. How will you ensure the sustainability and safety of life on Mars? What type of cooperation you will require from the governments and corporations on earth?
4. What type of cultural set up and events you envisage for the future of Mars?
5. What type of leaders you will select as ministers and administrators?
6. What are your other plans for future?


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