How Dupin applies the school boy principles

Dupin explains how he found the letter by comparing the principles of the Prefect and his team of police.  Dupin faults the Prefects failure to retrieve the letter from the Ministers premises to, they have no variation of principle in their investigations.

Dupin uses the metaphor of the schoolboy to illustrate his own principles that differ from the Prefect.

What are some of the ways Dupin employs from the school boy story in his own application of recovering the purloined letter from the ministers living quarters?

First, Dupin reasons based on his knowledge of the Minister being, I know him, however, as both mathematician and poet (10).

What are some other ways Dupin uses analytical reasoning and intuition to recover the purloined letter?

In other words, provide several examples of how Dupin applies the school boy principles.

Dupin relies more on intuition than on rationality.  He solves the crime by intuitively placing himself in the mind of the Minister.

What are the techniques or principles that the school boy and Dupin have in common?

In other words, match up the school boy principles with Dupins.

This is a comparison essay.  However, you still need to follow the essay structure highlighted in week 2 of the syllabus.

Format your essay by formulating a thesis.

Then formulate 3 separate topic sentences in 3 separate paragraphs. The focus of each topic sentence should be to prove your thesis.

Begin to prove your topic sentences with evidence from the school boy and Dupins strategies.  Best done in a comparison formatting to support your topic sentences discussions.


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