Question C2
Timely Logistics Company Limited is one of the biggest Spanish-based third-party logistics companies in Spain. It has 50 representative offices. Today, the company has developed into a diversified service provider, with core business in procurement management, quality management and warehouse management. Recently, Timely Logistics Company Limited needs to handle two clients and requires advising them about their transport decisions.
Company A
The company is a transnational company based in Hong Kong and is looking for ways to outsource its transport operations to a 3PL company. Currently, it imports fresh flower monthly from Chile. Also, they are looking for the possibility of sending weekly regular delivery of pillows to Indonesia starting from next month.
Company B
The company is a global trader in France. In recent months, they have had problems with late shipment of spaghetti because machinery has been broken down in their production plants. They need to urgently send the shipments to their clients in South Korea. In addition, they are also looking for the possibility of sending daily regular shipment of wheat to Belgium starting from next month.
Recommend the TWO BEST modes of transport to use for EACH company. Justify your recommendations using the transport selection criteria. (20 marks)


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