Plan and develop operational procedures

Develop and maintain operational procedures for transport and logistics enterprises
Task 1
Plan and develop operational procedures by:

confirming the processes requiring development or modification of operational procedures with stakeholders
discussing and validating the scope, focus and extent of the operational procedure with affected personnel
evaluating current procedures to ensure development is duplicating existing work
identifying factors likely to impact on the development process and incorporate them into the procedure
research the proposed operational procedure using a range of sources including user input
developing, documenting and verifying the operational procedure with stakeholders
trialling the new operational procedure.
developing performance indicators to measure the effectiveness of the operational procedure

Task 2
Monitor the implementation of an operational procedure by:

planning the introduction of the operational procedure for selected units or job functions with affected personnel to ensure understanding and the need for compliance
providing induction and supervision to support personnel in implementing the new procedure
monitoring personnel performance to ensure adherence to the operational procedure and to assess any modifications required
seeking feedback from the personnel implementing the operational procedure

Task 3
Evaluate the implementation of an operational procedure by:

assessing the effectiveness of the operational procedure against performance indicators
modifying activities to cater for variations in workplace contexts and environment
keeping personnel informed of the evaluation process, and advising them of subsequent changes to the operational procedure
managing records, reports and recommendations for improvement within the workplace information systems and processes


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