The Bad Seed and Theories of Human Nature.

The Bad Seed and Theories of Human Nature
After watching The Bad Seed, which seems to support the ‘Original
Sin’ view of development (as well as ‘nature’ over ‘nurture’ – genetics),
consider which of the three viewpoints – Original Sin, Tabula Rasa, Innate
Goodness – you see as being the most relevant explanation of how humankind has
developed. (Obviously, none of the three can be definitively proven,
therefore your task is to choose the one you feel has the most evidence in its
favour.) Support your opinion, using your own life experience and other
factual evidence to convince the audience.
A few things to consider:
Include your own take on human nature and which of the three theories of human nature relates best to your view. You may also want to discuss the role of genetics here.Discuss how the characters in the movie relate to your view of human nature. You want to include a discussion of the events in the movie to back up your points. This should include an examination of Emma’s history, actions, and motivations.If you use anyone else’s information, you must cite that.
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