Business breach of warranty

1. May owns a property in Pandi, Bulacan worth Php500,000.00. She wants to start a business, so decided to sell his property to Eman for Php200,000.00 because that’s all she needs to start up a business. After two years, May decided to buy back the property form Eman. Eman however refuses to give her property back claiming that he is now the owner, the property having been conveyed to him by May through a Deed of Absolute sale. May no comes to you for advice. Can May still get the property back from Eman? Explain your answer.
2. Angel, Rosie, and Luck are co-owners of an undivided lot consisting of 600 square meters located in Concepcion, Tarlac. Luck sold his undivided interest in the property to Romeo for Php600,000.00. After two years, Rosie offered to buy back the property from Romeo. Can Rosie legally do the same. Should Angel also signified intention to buy back the same property would it be allowed, why? What are the rights of Angel and Rosie over the property? Explain your answer.
3. If the property was sold for nonpayment of taxes due, is the vendor liable for breach of warranty against eviction? Explain your answer.
4. Do you agree with the effect of pactum commissorium in a contract of sale? Why
5. Who are persons not liable for breach of warranty? Explain each.


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