Economic policy program

Siraltu is an imaginary country with a population of around 38 million people. The median age is 32.4 years, and life expectancy at birth is equal to 61 years. Around 84% of population live in rural areas, and the GDP share of agriculture is 63%. The labor share of manufacturing is less than 5%. The income Gini coefficient is equal to 71%. The annual inflation rate is equal to 27%, and the non-agricultural unemployment rate is equal to 16%.
In Siraltu, the entirety of land (including natural resources) is owned by the state, and agricultural production is managed by the state-owned firms. The total production of cereals and crops is used for domestic consumption only. On the other hand, the manufacturing sector exports a large portion of output to developed countries. The manufacturing sector firms are owned by the members of two dynasties that have close interpersonal relationships with the President of Siraltu.
Could you describe an economic policy program for Siraltu by building on various development theories?


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