Global branding

Please share your thoughts for EACH letter (A to F), please pleasee!!
Global branding is key to international marketing success. Each year Interbrand ( publishes a ranking of the top 100 global brands. The ranking can be accessed by searching at the Interbrand site or by entering Best Global Brands in a Google search.
From this, locate and retrieve the most current ranking and —
a. what are the strengths and weaknesses of the methodology Interbrand uses to estimate brand equity?
b. What patterns do you detect in terms of the countries and industries most represented in the top 100 list?
c. According to Interbrand, what managerial guidelines will help a company develop a strong global brand?
d. How does an organization assess the industry market potential of an overseas market?
e. What tasks does assessing industry market potential entail?
f. What are the major issues to consider when selecting foreign business partners?


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