Race and Cultural Diversity

Your Statement of Purpose should indicate as specifically as possible the following:
The topic you have selected to write about for your research paper
Your primary thesis
The significance of the topic you are writing about
Three research questions that your paper will answer
A basic proposal outline of your paper
A Reference page with 15 sources.
The statement of purpose must be at least 2 pages in length. Your 15-source bibliography will be included in the page requirement.  The statement of purpose should be double-spaced, with one-inch margins.  Please format this assignment (and all future assignments) in APA format.
Important note:
The title and the reference will not include in the 2 pages, please see the example pdf to check the formate!!!
The topic: Please choose a topic about American Chinese culture, such as lifestyle, health, or other aspects.Because I come from Chinese)
This article will finally be written into a research paper in stages. I will keep placing the order for you until it is finished as required. So please take these into consideration when you design.
If you have any questions, please let me know.


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