SWOT analysis

Question -1 (Marks: 20)
You are a top manager of a major national clothing chain, and you have been charged with finding a way to restore your organization’s competitive advantage. Recently, your organization has been experiencing increasing competition from two sources. First, discount stores such as Metro and Hyper Star have been undercutting your prices because they buy their clothes from low-cost foreign manufacturers while you buy most of yours from high-quality domestic suppliers. Discount stores have been attracting your customers who buy at the low end of the price range. Second, small boutiques opening in malls provide high-price designer clothing and are attracting your customers at the high end of the market. Your company has become stuck in the middle, and you have to decide what to do:

Should you start to buy abroad so that you can lower your prices and begin to pursue a low cost business strategy?

Should you focus on the high end of the market and become more of a differentiator? Or should you try to pursue both a low-cost strategy and a differentiation strategy?
Using SWOT analysis, analyze the pros and cons of each alternative.


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