Intervention Plan


Intervention Plan: Now that you have identified the needs of your target age group (3-5)and evaluated the efficacy and utility of the program you have selected, propose a plan for an additional intervention. Your intervention should strengthen the program by promoting personal and social (socioemotional) functioning and incorporating outcome measurements and evidence-based practices.

You will research existing interventions and recommend one that best fits the age group and program.

A. Based on your research, what is an intervention that would contribute to the effectiveness of the program in promoting personal and social functioning for children living in differing circumstances? How would the intervention promote personal and social functioning?

B. How would you take different cultures into consideration when applying this intervention? Provide an example.

C. What outcomes would be expected from this new intervention? What is one method of measuring whether the intervention met the desired outcomes, and how would this method be applied to the intervention? How would the outcomes be measured? D. Does this intervention constitute an evidence-based practice, or include evidence-based practices? What is the evidence that supports the practice(s)? Alternatively, how could evidence-based practices be applied to this intervention, and what would be the benefit of doing this? How would the practice(s) support the intervention in meeting the desired outcomes?

E. How will this intervention consider the risk and resiliency factors of the specific age group? How would addressing these factors benefit the intervention in promoting personal and social functioning?

F. What are ways the intervention will reduce risk and increase resiliency factors? How will the intervention do this?


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