Nature of the fabric of American society

Subject: How did civil rights movement change the nature of the fabric of American society?

Choose 3 of the questions below to add to essay please:)


Why had black Americans been deprived of the right to

vote? Once they did have the right, what measures

were taken to discourage them from exercising it? How

effective was the Voting Rights Act?


What did it take to change the system and the society?

What were some of the tactics used by civil rights

activists to bring about these changes?


How have race relations improved since the period

under study? What were the main factors that led to

these improvements? What improvements do you think

are still needed?


Compare the Supreme Court decision in

Plessy v. Ferguson with

Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka,

Kansas. What are the similarities and differences?


What was the role of media in Ushering the Civil Right


Please observe quality standards


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