Obesity’s relationship to digestion

Specifics required:
What is Obesity.
How does Obesity affect the organism on a cellular and molecular level?
How is the organism impacted based on its environment?
What causes Obesity?
What is Obesity’s relationship to digestion?
How does Obesity spread?
How does Obesity effect/impact cells, tissues, and organs?
What are the symptoms of Obesity?
How does Obesity effect every day functions?
What treatments are used for Obesity (herbal, nutritional, pharmacological, holistic)?
What preventative measures can be used against Obesity?
What are any misconceptions about Obesity?

I have found this source: https://www.deepdyve.com/lp/elsevier/fatty-acid-detection-during-food-consumption-and-digestion-Dx0niv7Mi0?

This paper requires 5 reference: no more than 2 internet sites, at least 2 books, and at least one journal or newspaper article.

APA format
Hanging Indent
Times New Roman
12 point font
1″ margins
In text citations
I require 4 pages, NOT including the reference page.
I do not need the title page


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