Rind et al. study

. For David Pittenger, controversial research topics raise novel questions about the norms that should dictate how scientific knowledge is produced. Explain Pittenger’s position on the Rind et al. study. In doing so, be sure to explain whether or not he believes the research should be censored, and the reasons for his position. [7 pts]
3B. Similar to controversial research, dual-use research raises unique ethical challenges about censorship. Explain the kinds of issues raised by dual-use research, and Louise Bezuidenhout’s account of the tension between intellectual freedom and control raised by dual-use research. [13 pts]
3C. Do you think that controversial research a should be censored? What about dual-use research? If you believe either should be subject to censorship, then who do you think should make that determination? Either way, be sure to defend your position.


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