Film: “Nowhere in Africa,” dir. Caroline Link (2001).

Your task is to Critically analyze and interpret the film as a complex work of art. Take into consideration that this visual work of art was created at a particular time (historical and social context) and particular culture (Germany), addresses particular topics (content) and uses particular means (form) to bring across its message to a viewing audience back when it was made and today. Do not express an evaluative gut reaction (great, terrible, fun, …), but analyze the film and use the expert technical terms (such as camera angle, shot, mis-en-scène, point of view, etc.).

Some possible items for your FILM ANALYSIS

“Nowhere in Africa,” dir. Caroline Link (2001).

The plot plays in the late 1930s and early 1940s.

These are just some ideas. You can focus your film analysis on something different! And you certainly need not address all these questions!

•Episodes/scenes of discrimination? Racism? Film’s message on this topic?

•How do the various white German characters adjust to the different cultural environment?

– attitudes vis-à-vis Africa(ns)?

– sense of home?

•Owuor (the African cook)? How is his part/character constructed?

•Development of the couple (parents Walter and Jettl)?

•Is it okay to treat an important topic like the Holocaust merely in the background?

•Acting ?

Main characters: Owuor/cook, Regina/daughter, Walter/father, Jettl/mother, Walter Suesskind.

Requirements: 350 Words Max


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