Managing Resources

Managing Resources

1. In what two ways does sustainable supply chain present opportunities for firms in their global operations?

2. Does is make sense for buying firms to impose their sustainability standard on suppliers often at cost to the suppliers?

Please use the questions as your main section headers for your paper.

NOTE: This assignment should not exceed two (2) pages. It should be double spaced, using 12-point Times New Roman font, or its equivalent. Be as detailed as you can and Question needs to be backed by numbers, facts, graphs etc. Outside source needs to be cited.

Submit your MS Word assignment using the Turnitin dropbox located in the Assignments area of the course.

Following Instructions are a must:

1. I wanted to send a few tips in regards to writing that will make the great points in your papers even better, more convincing, and more robust. Whenever you make a statement of opinion or assertion, you should address at least one of these questions; why? so what? how? like what? or who cares?. If the opinion or assertion cannot answer or address at least one of the questions above, you should rewrite it.

2. You can support your opinion in one of two ways. The first way is to state your opinion, and then through an exercise of breadth and depth and critical analysis you simply support your opinion by explaining why, so what, who cares, how, like what, etc. Or, in other words you explain why your opinion is credible, believable, and informed. The second way to support your opinion is to find referenced material that agrees with you. Combining both methods together is the benchmark. By doing one or the other, or both, you bring context and credibility to the opinions you present. Thus, your great opinions become believable.


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