Computer Network Security

What type of checklist provides high-level guidance on the conduct of a security audit for specific classes of systems? a. Audit checklist b. Debug checklist c. Configuration checklist d. Vulnerability checklist e. Database checklist Which one of the following vulnerability scanning tools uses an open-source scripting language that allows administrators around the world to easily write vulnerability tests and share them with other security professionals? a. Nmap b. SATAN c. SAINT d. Nessus e. MBSA

What is the main purpose of the Tripwire security tool? a. Integrity assurance b. Intrusion detection c. Perimeter protection d. Vulnerability scanning e. Network mapping What is the best source for obtaining vulnerability checklists for a particular operating system? a. Friends and family b. The operating system manufacturer c. Unknown Internet sites d. Books and periodicals e. Cracker/hacker Web sites


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