American Revolution

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Review Chapter 6 in Eric Foner’s Give Me Liberty and post a minimum of 500 words that answer the questions in the prompt below; then, reply to the posts of two of your classmates (250 words for each response). Be critical and discuss what they posted in a larger context, or remind them of some significant information that is related to their response. You need to do more than just agree with them.

Critique them and build on what they are saying…

For the lower classes, colonial society had been based on inequality, deference, and obedience.

How did the American Revolution challenge that social order? How did the American Revolution impact Native Americans?

How did popular views of property rights prevent slaves from enjoying all the freedoms of the new social contract?

How did revolutionary America see both improvements and limitations in women’s roles and rights?
Be sure to cite specific information and examples from the textbook using parenthetical citation format, simply put the page number from where you found your information in parenthesis, like this (102). Don’t worry, these chapters are loaded with information that will allow you to answer these discussion questions. Try to write in your own words and do not use “direct quotes” in quotation marks. Be specific and avoid vague generalizations. You will need to examine Chapter 6 a little bit, so get ready. All primary posts and replies need cited examples from the textbook.


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