Critical Care Nursing

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Details: PART 2 – CODE BLUE SCENARIO – ; no late assignments accepted.
In this part, you will answer all questions presented.
First, have your submission to the first part handy. Now watch the short video:

Pay close attention to what is going on and then look at your answers to what happens in a code from Part I of this assignment.

Answer the following questions in paragraph form after each number. Please do not just answer with one word.

1. How would you feel in a code situation?
2. Do you think you have enough knowledge to handle a code?
3. Did your answer to part 1 of the assignment match what the Code Team did in this scenario?
4. If not, how did they differ?
5. What could have been done better in either your answers or in this scenario?
6. In the video scenario, what did the group do well? Any improvements?
7. In the video scenario, what were the key assessments and interventions?
8. In the video scenario, do you think there was an effective use of delegation? Why or why not?
9. In the video scenario, could any person on the Code Team have handled many aspects of the simulation differently?
10. What did you learn from this simulation?

The answer to Part 1 of this SIM was that the patient exhibited FES or fat embolism syndrome. Fat particles can lead to an intense inflammatory response that is indistinguishable from ARDS. Fat embolization occurs following orthopedic trauma especially in long-bone, closed fractures. Presenting signs include tachypnea, tachycardia, fever, and petechial rash. Risk factors are male, obesity, smoker, hypertension, previous fractures but not always. As a practicing nurse, I have had patients with FES on many occasions including a 14-year male who died sadly. Be familiar with this syndrome especially if you have a patient with a long-bone fracture—know the signs and symptoms. Early detection may help save a life.
Here is a good scholarly article on FES:
The last part of this SIM will be a 1-hour zoom chat where we will discuss this SIM. I have emailed you the zoom times and links. Pick one and join us. Attendance will be taken.


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