Developing Lives Small Group Discussion Prompts

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You need to complete the Early Childhood AND Middle Childhood Modules of Developing Lives BEFORE meeting with your small group and completing your reflection write-up.

See the syllabus for the date of this discussion and the deadline to turn in your meeting recording and discussion write-up for this section.

Based on your Developing Lives child, discuss the following prompts. You will also answer these prompts for your DL Reflection #2.

1. After completing the Early Childhood module and then the Middle Childhood module, review your child’s report cards and the parenting report cards. Based on this information, what are some of the strengths your child has begun to demonstrate? In what areas do they seem to struggle? Review the parenting report card. What type of parenting style does this report indicate you utilize? Do you agree with this assessment of your parenting style? What would you like to improve in your parenting moving forward?

2. Based on your reading about Piaget’s theory of cognitive development, describe your understanding of the differences between Preoperational and Concrete Operational thought. Give an example of each from your child, or a child in your small group, of each type of thought. Remember to base your responses on your reading from the DL program as well as your textbook and course material.

3. One of Jean Piaget’s most famous quotes is, “Play is the work of childhood.” What are the cognitive, social, and emotional benefits to play during childhood? In your small group come up with as many purposes as possible for each category of development: physical, cognitive, social, and emotional.

4. Review the stages of psychosocial development developed by Erik Erikson. What is the stage a child goes through during early childhood? And for Middle Childhood? How well do your child and the other children in your group seem to be achieving these psychosocial tasks? Be specific.

5. The Heinz dilemma is a classic moral reasoning question developed by Lawrence Kohlberg. Kohlberg used this (as well as other scenarios) to assess the stage of moral reasoning a child was in. What are the stages of moral reasoning identified by Kohlberg? What are factors that influence moral development in children? How does your child seem to be doing in terms of their moral development? Be specific. How do they compare to the other children in your small group?


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