Family & community

Watch video ( zoom lecture ) and answer 4 questions

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Before answering the questions make sure to watch the lecture in its entirety. You can access the Zoom lecture here (Links to an external site.)

For full points, you must respond to each question in at least 3-5 sentences. Please use question and answer format, writing the question immediately before your response.

Post- Lecture Responses Questions

1. Respond to our guest speakers, Reid and Andrea Moriarty. How has Reid’s family & community facilitated access and inclusion in his life?

2. What did the “I Believe” activity make you aware of regarding your beliefs about disability? Where do your beliefs stem from? Explain how your beliefs either promote or prevent access and inclusion. Do your beliefs move the community forward or do they hold society back?

3. Who is Lateef? Describe the societal factors Lateef mentioned that support or prevent him and others from having the life they want to live.

4. Now that you know the story around the photo, which concepts are covered in this class, and other classes, does the Maroon 5 photograph represent?



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