Gender in the early century

Triangle Powerpoint Presentation Assignment

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After perusing the website below, create a PowerPoint presentation in either Microsoft Office, Keynote, or Presi about the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire. The presentation must have at least 10 PowerPoint slides (probably going to be much longer) and you must address the following criteria in order to get credit for the assignment.
Your presentation should cover this information.
*A summary of the event ( maybe 2 slides): see the storyline part of the website or you can watch this short video.

You can create a timeline if this helps you

*Introduce the different historical characters (Who do we need to know in order to understand this story)
*You must use or reference in the presentation at least three of the newspaper articles and you must use at least 3 photographs, and one of the oral histories from the research section
*You should have a slide that describes what lessons were learned from the fire?
*Finally, you should have a slide that how do we commemorate the fire today? In other words, why is it important that we remember this tragic event?

I will grade you on the following criteria!

Is the presentation clear, succinct, and does it cover the event, the historical characters and does it examine gender construction?
Does the presentation balance information between primary source and secondary sources? Does the presentation use oral history, newspapers, and photographs to help understand this history?
Does the presentation do a good job of addressing how the fire changed the social, cultural, and political landscape and why it is important we study this part of early twentieth-century history?

The historical analysis assignment will make you think and write critically about class and gender in the early century according to the Cornell University archive. This assignment illuminates these two important Student Learning Outcomes, critical thinking, and confidence, and will hone your analytical skills in the professional or academic workplace.

Your presentation should have a title, and your name…it should also be proofread before submitting on BB.

If you use plagiarize this paper…take information from the internet, look up and borrow information from Course Hero, Coursesicle, or any other student shared website…and if you share ideas with other students via social media pages, text message, etc…you will fail this assignment and so will the students that assisted you. I take academic cheating and fraud seriously. Do not plagiarize in any form. Do not share or loan your ideas or written material to anyone…if you do both you and the person that used your ideas will receive at the very least a zero and you possibly could fail the course. If you borrow or use someone’s paper from another class now or a past class…you will get a zero and I will contact that professor to let them know. I will enforce any type of academic dishonesty outlined in the Student Handbook. I placed a copy of that document in the Student Resource Center. Bottom line: Do your own work!


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