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Here’s the situation: You really, really need $50. Right now. You don’t get paid at work for another week. You’ve been learning a lot about appealing to an audience in your class and you’ve decided your best course of action is to try to convince a friend or family member to give you the money.

Brainstorming (this doesn’t get turned in)

First, decide WHO you’re going to try to get $50 from. Then, ANALYZE them by thinking about the following:

What information do they have about your situation? What do they need to know to understand & want to help you?
What do they value? Be brutally honest here—for example, a friend might value your relationship, but that might not be enough motivation to loan you money.
Assignment (this gets turned in)

Write a half-page+ letter to that person. Use audience appeals of logos (reason/facts), ethos (why you’re trustworthy), and pathos (why they should feel sympathy for you). Your letter should have three small paragraphs:

1) explain the problem (why do you need $50?—and why is this a problem not just for you, but for the person you’re writing to?)

2) explain why it’s exigent (why is it urgent, again not just for you, but more importantly for the person you’re writing to)

3) propose a solution to the problem. Explain the solution (which is that they loan you the money)and why it’s beneficial for them! (More than just “you’ll pay it back,” because that should be a given)


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