Organizational Effectiveness

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Preparing a Situational Analysis of the Selected Case Study Company

Continue the case study of your selected company (AMAZON). Write a 1,000-word paper and address the following items, including Porter’s five Cs analysis (i.e., customers, competitors, company, collaborators, and climate):

Describe the customers (current and potential).
Identify the product(s) and distribution systems.
Prepare an internal (controllable factors) and external (non-controllable factors) environmental scan.
Analyze the competitive advantages.
Prepare a list of 3–5 opportunities for improvement using the SWOT process.
Use 5–8 additional sources. Use APA style (double-spaced, use of headings, correct citations, and sourcing).

Read the following open-source article, which discusses the evaluation of organizational effectiveness:

Evaluating Organizational Effectiveness, by W. A. Martz (2008)


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