The structure of music

“Days and Days” is a song sung by Bruce’s wife Helen

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We have talked about the structure of musicals, the structure of songs, and how and why songs serve the structure of a musical in several lectures now. Please answer 1 and 2 a. and b.

1. Pick a song from Fun Home and categorize what “type” the song it is in your opinion using the song types in the lectures. Why did you choose that type? Does this song further the plot, character, or both? Why and how? ( lectures from this and previous modules should be used as your supporting citations as well as the Musical.)

2. (answer both)

a. How did Bechdel’s relationship with her father change as she became an adult and a self-identified lesbian?

b. Appearances are important to the Bechdel family, even though they do not often reflect reality. What are some exam­ples from the story in which appearance and reality did not match, and how do these examples illustrate the tensions among the members of the Bechdel family?

Complete thoughts and opinions

Support those thoughts and opinions with the text
BOLD any citations and the page number
If you read it – Ask a wolf’s Mother ( page 107)
If you watched it – Ask a wolf’s Mother ( Act 2, The Witch 1:47) Act, Character, Time
You should have not less than 3 quotes. Please balance quotes with your opinion and analysis. For further explanation of what I expect please revisit Examples of Analysis and Citations for Essay Questions
Grammatically correct
No less than 600 words


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