Weather-related natural disasters

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We have already discussed weather-related natural disasters and bioterrorism, and now we will focus on other types of disasters. For this week’s discussion, you are asked to research a technological or human-induced disaster.

(This not the same as in Weeks 3 and 4 where you might have discussed hostage situations, mass shootings, multiple-vehicle or mass transit accidents with multiple critical injuries, bioterrorism, and disease outbreaks.) Here you want to look at situations such as radiological, nuclear accidents, technological disasters (electromagnetic pulse), and hazardous material spills.

In your post, provide the name of the incident you have chosen, and support your answers with evidence/examples. Please provide a working link and a citation for your source(s).

Select 2 of the items below to discuss:

At what point does a technological or man-made event become labeled a disaster?

Name and explain the impact categories associated with your disaster.

How well do you think the United States is prepared for a disaster like the one you selected?

Discuss the factors that can influence the effects a disaster may have on a community or region.

What nursing interventions would be a priority for these victims?

What community resources should be provided to the victims for follow-up needs?


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