Improvement of quality of life

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I would like for you to post a discussion on one innovative device or service that the elderly (age 80+) can use to help them with activities of daily living or improvement of quality of life. This can be an assistive device or service that helps them with self-care, hearing, vision, bathing, dressing, toileting, caring, spiritual fulfillment, skincare, house-keeping, cooking, eating, obtaining nourishing meals, reading, communication, staying warm or cool, transportation, entertainment, exercising, learning, networking, self-actualization, grand-parenting, employment, or socializing.

Please provide a link and/or attachment to a handout, pdf file, PowerPoint, YouTube video, or website so that we may learn more about your innovative product or service that you have found.The posting needs to introduce something innovative to us that we may not have heard of before – a newly patented invention or service new on the market. Let us know the exact details and advantages so that we can actually act as a promoter of the product (if we approve of it) and be very clear when we describe it to our clients.


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