Biometric device

What is the rate at which a biometric device rejects valid subjects? a. FAR b. FRR c. CER d. CDC What is an SSO system? a. Single sign-on b. Single secure opening c. Secure signal operation d. Single secure operation Who is ultimately responsible for the protection of data? a. Data user b. Data custodian c. Data owner d. Data security administrator Which type of attack uses a list of common passwords? a. Brute force attack b. Spoofing attack c. Dictionary attack d. Smurf attack

What is a control? a. Any potential barrier that protects your information from unauthorized access b. Any data source that contains sensitive data c. A user or program that attempts to access data on a secure system d. A device for setting the security clearance of data Which of the following are logical controls? (Choose all that apply.) a. Hiring practices b. Encryption c. Walls d. User identification and authentication


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