Create an ASCII-readable version of your public key

Create an ASCII-readable version of your public key by issuing the command gpg –export -a. You should redirect the output to a text file with your name as the file name using the command appropriate for your operating system. Normally, this will be done using the following command: gpg –export -a > your_name.txt Give the resulting file to the student in your class that is your partner for this exercise. You may exchange keys via electronic mail, floppy disk, network share, or any other medium available to you.

Using your Web browser, visit the GnuPG home page, located at Locate the area of the site that allows you to download the GnuPG software and download a version appropriate for your computer. Follow the instructions included with GnuPG to install the software on your system.If you haven’t done so already, open a command-line session and navigate to the directory where the GnuPG executable is stored.


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