The central repository of system information

What is the central repository of system information on Windows operating systems? a. Security database b. System catalog c. Registry d. System Main Table Which of the following services are good candidates to disable on a Windows system? (Choose all that apply.) a. File and Printer Sharing b. System Logger c. Secure Storage d. Telnet What is the first step in securing network protocols? a. Enable network packet logging. b. Disable your Web server, if possible. c. Enable encryption. d. Use a firewall.

What is a virus signature? a. The result of virus activity that is unique to each virus type b. The footprint a virus leaves in memory after it executes c. Part of the virus code or data that uniquely identifies the virus type d. The footprint of a virus while it is executing in memory Which of the following practices are always important to hardening a system? (Choose all that apply.) a. Secure all communication channels with encryption . b. Remove Telnet, FTP, and Web server software from the system. c. Ensure all accounts have strong passwords. d. Disable all unneeded services.


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