UNIX security

Along with each threat and checklist action item to minimize the threat, explain why it was important enough to include. What could happen if you did not address this item? Make sure you provide references to the Web sites or other resources you used for this exercise. On the Windows desktop, double-click My Computer. Double-click the C drive. In the menu bar, click File, click New, and then click Folder. Name the folder Test.

In your Web browser, use your favorite search engine to search for “UNIX Security Checklist” or other similar terms. You may also use the URLs mentioned in the “UNIX Security Miscellany” section earlier in this chapter. Find at least three sites that present UNIX security checklists. Use the information from the Web sites you found to compile your own security checklist consisting of at least 10 items. (Do not just duplicate the same list from Challenge Exercise 10.1.)


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