Design an e-mail survey

1. List the steps involved in implementing the posttest-only control group design. Describe the design symbolically.

2. What is a time series experiment? When is it used?

3. How does a multiple time series design differ from a basic time series design?

Visit a store selling PCs and notebooks (e.g., Best Buy, Office Depot, etc.). If this store wants to conduct a survey to determine consumer preferences for PCs and notebook computers, which survey method would you recommend and why?

1. Locate an Internet survey and examine the content of the questionnaire carefully. What are the relative advantages and disadvantages of administering the same survey using CATI or mall-intercept interviewing?

2. Design an e-mail survey to measure students’ attitudes toward credit cards. E-mail the survey to 10 students. Summarize, in a qualitative way, the responses received. Are student attitudes toward credit cards positive or negative?


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