Design a magazine advertisement

The teen and preteen market segments are important because people that age are developing buying habits that marketers hope will turn into brand loyalty later in life. CVS sells established brands such as Cover Girl and Maybelline, but also younger-oriented brands such as Bonne Bell, Jane, and Naturistics. Drugstores are not typically chosen for the purchase of cosmetics. If you were the marketing manager for CVS, which consumer promotions would be the best to attract teens and preteens to the cosmetics department of CVS? What tie-ins or overlays would you recommend?

Design a magazine advertisement with a detachable coupon or premium for one of the following Singapore products. Be sure to put an expiration date and other restrictions on the use of the coupon or premium, such as one per customer and one per purchase. You may want to conduct an internet search to see some sample coupons or premiums before you design one.

a. The 1872 Clipper Tea Co. (

b. Gryphon Tea Company (

c. Straits Preserves (

d. Sweet Enchantment (www.sweetenchant


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