Research your own country or region

UK Competitions ( is one of several UK-based websites that list and provide links to a wide range of current competitions open to UK consumers. Research your own country or region and try to find a similar website. If this is not possible, then use the UK Competitions website and answer the questions listed below. Bear in mind that some countries will have radically different legislation and regulations.

a. Do the listing websites require the reader to register or do they provide “free” links?

b. What common information is the consumer required to give to the promotion organizer?

c. Is the consumer required to make a purchase in order to qualify for entry?

d. What is the legislation related to this in your country (or the United Kingdom)?

Consumers can be divided into four categories based on how they respond to consumer promotions (Figure). Explain in your own words the characteristics of each group. You are a marketing intern for Chic Shaque, a retailer of contemporary fashions, bedding, bath, gifts and home decor. For each of the consumer promotion groups, identify a consumer promotion that you think is the best. Explain why. Of the four consumer promotions you just identified, which would you recommend for Chic Shaque? Why?


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