Social media monitoring

If the organization does not have an active social care program, now is the time to plan it. First investigate and analyze the existing system that is in place. Is there a customer service department? How do they currently find out about customer needs?

What systems are they using? Is customer service limited by delivery method or hours? Is the organization conducting social media monitoring? If so, who is doing it?

Are other departments involved? What about sales? Are salespeople using social selling? How can the sales department be integrated into the overall social strategy and social care team? Table 13.1 describes a plan for a cross-functional social care team. Report all thoughts, plans, and ideas in these areas:

1. Identify the current system. Explain what kind of social media monitoring is occurring. Is it 24/7 or intermittent? What systems are being used?

2. Identify the employees responsible for social media monitoring. What department are they from? Is the team cross-functional?

3. Plan a structure for a new cross-functional social care team that can address all areas of social information efficiently and effectively. What systems are needed?

4. Plan the marketing, advertising, and public relations responsibility in a cross-functional social care team by explaining how each will provide social support. Also provide a briefing on the brand communication style and big idea for the social media plan.


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