Social Media Policy

1. Does it speak to my target market? Social media is unique from traditional marketing and requires a different perspective to be effective. Be sure to focus on your target’s wants and needs, not yours.

2. Does it add value? Social media only works if people view and share it. Make your content educational, insightful, or entertaining to grab interest and draw engagement.

3. Does it fit the social channel? Don’t post content ideal for Twitter on Instagram or Reddit. Each channel has its own culture and community. Make sure each post fits the channel’s environment, mission, and policies or standards.

4. Is it authentic and transparent? Trying to trick people into clicking a link or making a purchase will get you nowhere. Don’t hide or exclude any relevant information.

5. Is it real and unique? Bots can automate tasks and be a great time saver, but use them for the right actions. Don’t use auto-responses and create anything that could be perceived as spam.

6. Is it positive and respectful? It may be fine to talk trash about competitors or complain about customers in the office, but not in social media. Don’t bad-mouth the competition or customers.

7. Does it meet codes of conduct? As professionals, we are part of trade associations that set standards of conduct. Be sure you are meeting these ethical standards such as the WOMMA, AMA, AAAA, or PRSA’s Code of Ethics.

8. Does it meet all laws and regulations? Government has been catching up with social media and has issued regulations and laws you must follow. See guides on requirements like the FTC social media endorsement guidelines.

9. Does it meet the Social Media Policy? Most likely your brand or a client’s brand has a social media policy. Ensure you follow your own company’s standards.


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