Social media sentiment toward the brand

In this part of the social media plan, go back to the social media audit to quantify and analyze negative versus positive social media content. In addition, social listening tools can be helpful in quantifying overall social media sentiment toward the brand. See appendix B: Social Media Tools and Resources for options. If negative commentary is significant, specifically identify customer service, product, operations, human resources, or marketing message problems that may be causing negative social media talk.

Create an interdepartmental plan to fix the root cause of negative comments. Even if negative talk isn’t significant, identify a plan to reduce the negative comments that are there. Next gather and conduct consumer research through various primary and secondary methods to discover a key actionable consumer insight that leads to a campaign big idea that is interesting and has legs. Report all research, findings, plans, and ideas in these areas:

1. Identify top brand social complaints and the root business-unit cause.

2. Devise an interdepartmental plan to fix issues and reduce negative talk.

3. Gather all research and uncover a key actionable consumer insight.

4. Create an interesting big idea that has legs across traditional and social media.


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