Traditional brand marketing

In this part of the social media plan, focus on integration of traditional marketing, advertising, public relations, and digital marketing efforts with the new social media strategy. Collect and analyze information on all marketing efforts for the brand. What techniques are being used? What is the core message or promotion? Is there a common character, theme, or concept? Is there a brand or campaign tagline? Make note of current efforts and include what is being formed in the new social media plan, accounting for and explaining how current traditional efforts will be integrated into the new social effort. You may find that a new traditional marketing, advertising, and public relations effort or campaign is needed, and thus your plan should make those recommendations. Report all findings and ideas in these areas:

1. Identify all traditional brand marketing, public relations, advertising, and digital efforts.

2. Explain the current promotion, concept, character, theme, and tagline.

3. List ways in which the current marketing communications effort could be integrated with the new social media big idea.

4. If a new traditional marketing or advertising campaign and promotion are needed, explain what they should be.


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