1. Using sex to sell products is another area that many consumers find offensive. Locate two print ads or ads on television that are highly sexual in nature, one that you consider offensive and one that you consider to be appropriate. What makes the difference? Are there too many ads that use sexual themes?

2. You have seen advertisements by attorneys and medical professionals. Discuss your opinion about these advertisements. Do you think ads by attorneys just increase the number of lawsuits and bankruptcies? Why do medical professionals such as doctors and dentists advertise? Does it affect your opinion of their professionalism? Why or why not?

1. What is ambush marketing? Describe each type of ambush marketing that can be used by brands. What are your thoughts about ambush marketing? Is it unethical? Why or why not? Which forms of ambush marketing do you believe are legitimate? Why?

2. What is stealth marketing? Do you believe stealth marketing is an ethical marketing practice? Why or why not? Under what circumstances would it be acceptable for a brand to use stealth marketing? Explain.


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