Customer service via social media

For this exercise, think about ways you can energize your brand evangelists. Customer evangelism doesn’t always require big programs. Tap the power of evangelists simply by creating opportunities for customers to participate in the brand. Think about creating experiences they will in turn share with their social networks. Parties, openings, product launches, and cause-related events are ways to include brand enthusiasts and generate sharable content including videos, pictures, blog posts, and evites. Sponsoring an event or cause that a target audience cares about can really motivate evangelists to participate and spread the word.

What is possible with your product or service?

1.       Must all organizations, brands, products, services, or industries provide customer service via social media?

Can you name a company or industry that does not need to build a social care team? Why or why not?

2.       Revisit the Comcast Cable example of the viral audio of a customer service representative being difficult on the phone. Why do you think there is such a disparity between Comcast Cable’s social media service and its customer service via telephone? What can Comcast do to fix the issue?


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