Reward brand evangelists

Take the social media strategy, consumer insight, and big idea to the next level with branded content and brand evangelism.

What content is the target audience looking for?

What type of content do they tend to view and share?

Develop ideas for educational as well as entertaining text, photo, and video content. Will the content be brand-generated or co-created? Where will it be distributed?

Also, devise a strategy and policy to engage and reward brand evangelists. What information, products, promotional trips, or events can the organization offer the most loyal and outspoken fans? Set guidelines in terms of scale and scope for the evangelists and the reward program. Finally, also consider influencer campaigns—sometimes motivation is payment. Would influencer marketing help in the plan effort? Report all thoughts, plans, and ideas in these areas:

1. Identify the information and entertainment needs of the target audience. List the main types of content they view and share.

2. Explain the types of content the brand can create to match target audience interests. Plan content to be brand-generated, consumer-generated, or co-created.

3. Research and identify the organization’s most active customers in social media.

4. Create a brand evangelist program to both engage and reward the brand advocates. Spell out specific policies, promotions, and events. Alternatively, or in addition, detail an influencer campaign for social media promotion


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