Social channels

Reviews are powerful. Have you taken the time to read them? Find all the ratings and reviews written about your organization, brand, product, or service. Start with key ratings-and-reviews sites in the industry and then move into the social media channels highlighted here. What did you discover? If there are few reviews, what do you need to do to get people writing? Are the reviews negative?

What do you need to fix? Are reviews positive? How do you leverage them in other social channels and encourage more?

Go onto Facebook and Instagram and explore their check-in features. Whether you are comfortable checking in yourself or not, see the rich information location-sharing offers. Also, join Foursquare. This network is the innovator and still important. If your organization has a physical location, location-based social media could be a key part of your strategy. Perhaps the business is already on Facebook and Instagram but has not completely taken advantage of location-based features. Take some time and brainstorm ways the brand could use location information for a business advantage.


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