Social media monitoring in real-time

You may not have checked out a podcast in a long time. Now is the time. In this exercise go to iTunes and explore all the podcasts. Don’t just look at the top overall shows. Explore the different topic categories such as marketing and management, society and culture, and technology. Is there a show that is related to your brand and targets your customers? Can you envision starting a new show for a brand or organization? Be sure to explore both audio and video podcasts. Some marketers are now even creating limited podcast series for new product or service introductions. Whether you see a place for podcasts in your strategy or not, you may find some useful podcasts that will help optimize your time and keep you up to date on the latest developments in the industry

1.       What is your point of view on the concept of the wisdom of the crowd? Is the collective opinion of a crowd always right or better than individual ideas or thoughts? Find examples or research to support your opinion.

2.       The real advantage of social media monitoring is real-time insight and intelligence. Find an example of a brand that, through real-time social media monitoring, either took advantage of an opportunity or avoided a public relations crisis with quick action.


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