Calculate the maximum permissible bank finance

A company stores 3 weeks of raw material (Rs 10 lac), 2 weeks of work in process (Rs 15 lac), and 4 weeks of finished goods (Rs 20 lac). The company has outstanding credits of Rs 25 lac. Expense for one month is Rs 3 lac. The company does not receive any credit from suppliers. Assume appropriate margin on each of the components and calculate working capital requirement and bank finance.

The current assets and current liabilities of a company are Rs 30 crore and Rs 18 crore respectively. Calculate the maximum permissible bank finance under the three methods, assuming that the core component of current assets is Rs 24 crore.

Find the accounting break-even point for a project that has the following characteristics:

Fixed cost = Rs 50 crore

Sales revenue/unit = Rs 1,000

Variable cost/unit = Rs 800


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