Nursing interventions

Which nursing interventions are appropriate for a hospitalized client with mania who is exhibiting manipulative behavior? Select all that apply.

1. Communicate expected behaviors to the client. 2. Follow through about the consequences of behavior in a nonpunitive manner. 3. Ensure that the client knows that he or she is not in charge of the nursing unit. 4. Assist the client with developing a means of setting limits on personal behavior. 5. Enforce rules and inform the client that he or she will not be allowed to attend therapy groups. 6. Be clear with the client regarding the consequences of exceeding limits set regarding behavior

A client is admitted to the in-patient unit and is being considered for electroconvulsive therapy (ECT). The client appears calm, but the family is hypervigilant and anxious. The client’s mother begins to cry and states, “My child’s brain will be destroyed. How can the doctor do this?” The nurse should make which therapeutic response?

1. “It sounds as though you need to speak to the psychiatrist.” 2. “Perhaps you’d like to see the ECT room and speak to the staff.” 3. “Your child has decided to have this treatment. You should be supportive of the decision.” 4. “It sounds as though you have


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